Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and A.D.E.D. release a capsule collection to coincide with the 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art

The collection includes a hoodie, a long sleeve tee, and a poster. The print design featured on the hoodie and long sleeve tee, which borrow the colors of the 2nd Garage Triennial's visual campaign, is based on the designs of various posters created by A.D.E.D. A poster with the same print is issued in an edition of 200 signed copies. Wrapping envelopes for the garments are made from advertising banners of the Museum's past exhibitions. Items from the collection can be purchased in a special pop-up zone in Garage Bookshop.

"Garage was the first museum institution to offer us a collaboration. Each item in the collection reflects our all destinations every destination essence," comments COZEK, a member of the A.D.E.D. creative team.

"The Museum's flagship project this year, the Triennial, is dedicated to diverse types of interpersonal relationships and coincided with the time when connections between people underwent a colossal transformation. We are glad that under the circumstances and within the framework of the Triennial, we have delivered a project made in collaboration with our friends, the A.D.E.D. collective, who have supported us for many years," says Daria Kotova, Head of Development, Marketing, and Advertising at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

Marking the launch of the collection, A.D.E.D. and Alexander Khudokon shot a video tracing the collective's creative practice.

Photographer of the shoot: Amy America.

The collection is available to purchase at Garage Bookshop and online beginning November 2.