In 2017 A.D.E.D. graphics became a source of inspiration for the creation of FACES&LACES visual identity – interactive exhibition project that is dedicated to the latest connections of actual fashion and streetwear, sports and action sports, subcultures, custom culture, visual communications and alternative contemporary art in Russia.

Traditionally, the key graphic symbol of the event is developed in collaboration with top subcultural artists. Thus, the exhibition identity was created by MODE2, ERIC HAZE, FUTURA and MAGICAL DESIGN. FACES&LACES 2017 concept was defined as «SUBCULTURAL LOCALISM», in connection with this the organisers initiated a local collaboration where the exhibition graphics was developed together with A.D.E.D.

The logo was used in the key visual design, decorative elements of FACES&LACES 2017 venue and social media, as well as in the design of the event merch collection: T-Shirts, bags, stickers and pins.

Also A.D.E.D. took part in the filming of a teaser that announced the exhibition and was dedicated to its main characters - local heroes.

Video credits:
Produced by ILYA KLISHIN
Music credits: VTGNIKE

Video credits:
Sound: HMOT
Production assistant: ALEXANDER ABAE


In August of 2017 A.D.E.D. participated in the third group exhibition of alternative and subcultural art - «SYNTHESIS&INTEGRATION», held at Belief Moscow concept store.

The distinctive feature of biennale is multiculturalism, opportunity to combine the uncombinable, personal experience, proper understanding of style and the outlook of every participant on modern art within the joint exposition.

In 2017 the artists’ mission was to elaborate on the exhibition main concept - Monochrome - by presenting the works in black and white entirely while also discussing the role of these colors in their professional sphere.

One of the themes which have become of primary relevance to the collective in their continual interaction with the city is that of presence/absence. In Moscow, especially in the city centre, graffiti is kept under constant pressure for the sake of the illusion of order manifested in uniform walls, and daily activity is the only way to remain on the surface. The conflict leads to memory taking the place of paint: names that were here yesterday might be invisible today but will reappear here or nearby tomorrow. This situation of traces flickering in time, space and imagination is illustrated by the artwork created for «SYNTHESIS&INTEGRATION»

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